We are a boutique investment bank focused on strategic and transaction advisory services for leading healthcare, technology, and business services companies

Candid communication,
disciplined approach,
trusted advice,
exceptional results.


We specialize in helping middle-market companies develop and achieve their strategic goals.

Strategic Advisory

We help companies evaluate their strategic alternatives and then formulate an execution plan. We have experience with a wide variety of strategic initiatives, both as advisors and as business operators.

Transaction (M&A) Advisory

We help clients execute strategic transactions, primarily mergers and acquisitions (M&A). We are experts at conducting competitive and disciplined M&A processes to maximize financial results for our clients.

Valuations & Fairness Opinions

We provide clients with reliable business valuations and fairness opinions, with a focus on the true “market value” of the company. In other words, we determine what a third-party would be willing to pay for the business.

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