Chesky Partners is a boutique investment bank focused on strategic and transaction advisory services for leading healthcare, technology, and business services companies. We specialize in helping middle-market companies develop and achieve their strategic goals.

We hope that the description of Chesky Partners’ services below will give you a better idea of our capabilities and potential fit with your strategic needs. However, in our experience the best way to determine if we are the right choice for you is to have a brief, introductory conversation. So please give us a call. We are honest and direct in our approach; if we don’t feel that we can best meet your needs, we can most likely introduce you to others who may be better positioned to help.


The first step in achievement of strategic goals is proper planning. Chesky Partners helps companies evaluate their strategic alternatives from both a financial and operational point of view and then formulate an execution plan. That plan may involve a strategic transaction but often it will not. We provide our clients with straightforward and candid advice. We are quite comfortable advising clients to not pursue a transaction if we don’t think it’s in their best interest.

Our strategic advisory services include the following:

• Technology or intellectual property licensing
• Joint ventures
• Strategic partnerships
• Competitive landscape assessment
• Build vs. buy analysis
• Pre-M&A readiness evaluation & preparation
• Identification of business value drivers
• Due diligence preparation & support

In addition, we may be best able to help our clients by simply making introductions to others in our network. The principals and senior advisors of Chesky Partners have a vast network of contacts within the healthcare, technology, and business services sectors. One of our key strengths is our ability to tap into that network for the benefit of our clients.


Chesky Partners helps clients execute strategic transactions, primarily mergers and acquisitions (M&A). We are experts at conducting competitive and disciplined M&A processes to maximize financial results for our clients. We have broad experience with transactions of all types across the healthcare, technology, and business services sectors and have previously advised on transactions ranging from less than $1 million to over $1 billion. Chesky Partners efficiently manages all aspects of the M&A process from planning to closing, allowing our clients to focus on running and growing their businesses.

Our transaction advisory services include the following:

• Sale of company to a strategic partner
• Leveraged buyout by a financial partner
• Management buyout
• Divestiture of subsidiary or line of business
• Add-on or transformational acquisitions
• Merger of equals
• Majority investment or recapitalization
• Employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) formation

Valuations & Fairness Opinions

Chesky Partners provides clients with reliable business valuations. While we are well versed in all traditional valuation methodologies (i.e. discounted cash flow analysis, comparable company and comparable transaction analyses, leveraged buyout analysis, etc.), in our experience clients are most interested in the true “market value” of their company. In other words, what is a third-party willing to pay for the business? We give our clients valuation feedback that is relevant and actionable.

We also provide fairness opinions for use by a company’s Board of Directors or shareholders in evaluating the consideration paid or received in connection with an M&A transaction, corporate financing or other corporate transaction.


Hiring an investment bank to help your company think through or act on strategic initiatives is amongst the most important corporate decisions you can make.

Chesky Partners recognizes the great deal of trust our clients place in us and in return, we wholeheartedly commit to earning and maintaining that trust.

While there are many qualified investment banks for you to choose from, we feel that the following are a few attributes that set us apart.

Candid & trusted advice – We pride ourselves on providing our clients with insightful, practical guidance on all types of strategic matters. You can trust that we will be straightforward and candid in our counsel, as our only objective is to ensure that our clients can make educated, unbiased strategic decisions.

Experience as operators – Our principals and senior advisors all have significant operating experience that we are able to draw upon on behalf of our clients. Unlike most investment bankers, we’ve been in your shoes and have first-hand experience with the same important issues faced by middle-market businesses.

Results oriented – We are motivated by a relentless drive to exceed our client’s expectations and will leverage our vast and varied experience to accomplish that goal.

Senior-level attention – We make a commitment to our clients that we will apply the collective wisdom of our principals and senior advisors to each client engagement. Unlike many other firms, we won’t relegate your most important strategic initiatives to less experienced, junior staff.

Industry expertise – We are specialists in the healthcare, technology, and business services sectors and have significant, relevant experience in a wide variety of specific industries. We believe strongly that our narrow focus is in the best interest of our clients.

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